Q: Where can I find RedisInsight?

A: You can download RedisInsight for free here. In addition, we will make RedisInsight available in the Mac App store, Microsoft store, Snapcraft and Flathub.

Q: What will happen to RESP.app? Can I continue using it?

A: Yes, anyone who has downloaded RESP.app for free can continue using it. If you have a paid subscription for RESP.app, you can continue using it for its duration. Paying customers will continue receiving the support package with their license from their current RESP.app service provider, which will remain responsible for any ongoing support obligations. Redis does not have plans to continue to charge RESP.app and licenses will not be renewed when they expire. Additionally, Redis does offer a fully supported free GUI, RedisInsight, that RESP.app users are encouraged to migrate to. We intend to consolidate RESP.app features into RedisInsight.

Q: I am on a personal/enterprise subscription, can I continue using RESP.app?

A: Yes, you can, however, we are ceasing all sales for new subscriptions to RESP.app. Existing subscriptions will not be renewed following their expiration dates. RESP.app will continue to be supported by your current RESP.app service provider for critical bugs in the remaining period of all existing subscriptions and up to the latest of the 2nd of November 2023.

Q: I purchased the app through one of the stores (Microsoft, Apple), can I continue using RESP.app?

A: Yes, you can. However, please note that over time RESP.app support will cease. An end-of-life plan will be communicated along with information about how users can migrate to Redis, Inc’s free GUI, RedisInsight.

Q: Can I still buy RESP.app from the Mac App Store and Microsoft Store?

A: No, all sales of RESP.app are ceasing as of the 2nd of November 2022. Redis, Inc.’s free RedisInsight GUI will be made available in the Mac App Store and Microsoft Store.

Q: Can I still download RESP.app from Snapcraft or Flathub?

A: Yes, you can. However, please note that over time the RESP.app support will cease. We are working on merging the capabilities of RESP.app into RedisInsight which will be made available on Snapcraft and Flathub.

Q: I'm missing a feature in RedisInsight. When it will be added?

A: We are working on integrating RESP.app functionality into RedisInsight to offer the Redis community the best possible developer experience. If you are missing any feature please submit a feature request or upvote existing feature requests on GitHub.

Q: Will RedisInsight offer an iPad version?

A: We are currently still investigating this route. RedisInsight is an electron application, so it is technically feasible. Please upvote this issue if you would like to see iPad support.